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Tat Sing Garment Laundry Pressing Machinery Co., Ltd

A professional firm providing worldwide garment equipment and machineries, such as laundry equipment, washer, dryer, steamer, steam iron, boiler, ironing table, cleaning agent, stain remover, etc.

Services like machine installation, repair, maintenance and accessorizing spare parts are also provided.

Cleaninggun Various kinds of cleaning gun and equipment, detergent and spray from all over the world are shown to you
Dry Solvee Specialize in manufacturing high quality and reputable spot remover and mahjong cleaner. All products are made in Japan and reach environmental standard.
Meizhi Nearly 20 years experience in manufacturing reliable and safe garment finishing equipment for the industry.
Osaka Iron Nearly 50 years experience in manufacturing high quality iron, steamer and equipment for the industry. All products are made in Japan
Red-Arrow A renowned manufacturer producing garment machineries and equipment, such as cleaning gun, tag gun, cutter and fusing press, etc
Senjoung An experienced firm producing different types of washing, dying and ironing equipment.
Silver Star Our 30 years of research and development , Silver Star trusted in over 80 countries and products sold all over the world for last 20 years.
Tenluxe Co., Ltd An experienced manufacturer producing industrial cleaning equipment and consumable, such as tag gun, cleaning gun, lubricant and other accessories etc
Yiu Lih Machinery Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd An expert manufacturing environmental friendly, high quality and efficient industrial steam boilers, ironing tables, water softener.